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See the full Ethnic Minority Domestic Violence Survivors exhibition in


  1. I have worked with survivors of domestic violence in various NGO’s over the last ten years. I found this collection informative and realistic.


  2. Sonalle heightens the feeling of pain and suffering in these women, by just not showing them. They hide away from the camera clinging on to personal posessions, creating the tension between us the viewer. Let us hope this on-going project reaches the wider audience it deserves.


  3. Your best shots so far. The planning of these shows!

    As for the topic i think you have an ability to get into an area thats blocked for most others due to gender and ethnicity. So use that to tell people about this!!!


  4. These series of shots portray a rare mix of beauty and solitude; emotionally engaging portraits of women clearly just coping with great pain.
    What is clear is that Sonalle can peel away the layers of defence that most people would shield themselves with after such experiences, and she can show us, through the lens, individuals determined to heal themselves.
    An excellent Gallery and I look forward to seeing more from this artist.


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